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Who would do the jobs that nobody wants to do?


Clearly it would be much more difficult for employers to find people to do unpleasant work, such as toilet cleaning, as people would no longer depend on these jobs for their salary. Consequently employers would have to increase the minimum wage and the pay for unpleasant work in relation to standard jobs in order to increase the incentive. This would decrease the wealth gap and lead to the reorganization of the pay structure within firms. Secondly there will always be people who are willing to do unpleasant or difficult work on the basis of its necessity and usefulness to society and the change in pay structure would lead to an increase in the respect for these jobs. They would no longer be taken for granted to the same extent. Finally the increase in the minimum wage would lead to an increase in the incentive for businesses to invest in modern technologies. Many unpleasant jobs such as refuse collection can be replaced by new innovations - in Germany it is common for rubbish lorries to have a metal arm attached to the side which lifts the bins, replacing the two men who in England are still employed to collect the bins from the kerb side. In addition unpleasant jobs can be made much more pleasant through modern technology, for example the cabin of a rubbish lorry can be fitted with a comfy seat, a sound system and so on.

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