basic income

The basic income is an income paid to all citizens regardless of whether they work. The objective is to enable everybody to pursue a career that gives them a sense of self fulfillment, that is useful for society, and for which they are qualified.



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  • [NEW] New essay: Basic Income Debate
    You can find it here.
  • Sarah went to Switzerland to attend an international conference on the basic income and to deliver several workshops. We are looking forward to getting her reports and feedback from this event.
  • 52.976 people in Germany have signed a petition supporting the introduction of the basic income.
  • We are currently reviewing the basic income page on wikipedia and will shortly be adding some important additions.
  • We are in the process of creating a wikipedia page for Götz Werner, a key player in the basic income movement.
  • A documentary on the basic income has been made, but unfortunately it is only available in German and consequently of no use whatsoever to the vast majority of the world's population. So we have started the major task of writing subtitles and we hope to have them finished in the near future.
  • Various essays and texts on the topic of the basic income are in progress and will soon be at your disposal on the website.

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